Small and Beautiful Weddings at Owston Hall Hotel in Doncaster
For decades, lavish grand weddings were the norm. Whether determined by tradition, wealth or family expectation, large weddings were routinely experienced between the summer months of May to September. But the tide is turning...

Embrace Intimacy: Beautiful, small weddings at Owston Hall Hotel in Doncaster

As couples strive for individuality and the wedding budget is stretched in more directions, many brides and grooms are choosing a smaller wedding. But it’s not always to save on costs: there is an undeniable charm and intimacy with a small wedding.

What is a small wedding?

If you’re wondering what counts as a small wedding, at Owston Hall Hotel in Doncaster that’s usually weddings with 10 to 60 day guests. Our larger wedding packages are typically for those with 60 to 100 guests. In this blog, we’ve picked out some of the more compelling reasons why a small wedding at Owston Hall might be the ideal choice for your special day. Thanks to Charlotte and Leigh, and to Terri Pashley Photography for allowing us to showcase their wedding from May 2024.

1. A Small Wedding: The perfect way to control your nerves (and your guests!)

With a smaller guest list, you can focus on what truly matters to you and celebrate only with those you’re close to. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of being centre stage, or being surrounded by a crowd on your wedding day, choosing a small wedding venue might be the answer. Small wedding venues restrict you from the off as to how many guests you can invite – the perfect excuse to let down those guests you’d rather avoid!

For some couples tying the knot, it might be their second marriage. So a small wedding venue like Owston Hall Hotel is popular. You can be choosy about who you invite and you’re able to focus on the meaning of your partnership rather than worrying if everyone is enjoying the party. What’s clear is that at smaller weddings, you can really spend quality time with each guest.

2. A Very Personal Experience

Undoubtedly, the detail is easier to manage at a small wedding. If you’re very creative and dream of making your own table centres, bridal bouquets, invitations or table place cards (the list can go on), then it’s much easier to manage a smaller scale. Whatever your theme, you can really go to town personalising your wedding experience without the mounting cost, time and effort required for bigger numbers.

The benefit too of a wedding venue that specialises in small weddings is that the function rooms are beautifully proportioned. There’s something slightly awkward about huge spaces: either you need big wedding guest numbers to make it feel like a party or you need decorations on a grand scale to fill the physical voids. Whilst we’re biased of course, Owston Hall Hotel’s elegant wedding reception rooms are full of character and architectural features that provide a lovely backdrop and ambiance to any smaller celebration.

3. A Cost-Effective Celebration

A smaller wedding often means a more manageable budget. Owston Hall Hotel offers a range of wedding packages designed to suit different needs and budgets, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious setting without breaking the bank. This financial flexibility can help free up funds for other important aspects of your life together, such as a dream honeymoon or future home.

Small weddings can take place any day of the week at Owston Hall but lots of couples are moving away from a traditional Saturday date, like Charlotte and Leigh pictured below who chose a Friday wedding.  At venues that are popular at the weekends with leisure guests, a small midweek wedding is usually quieter with potentially fewer hotel guests milling around. If you do need to stick to a weekend date – if you’re a teacher, for example – it’s worth noting that many wedding venues insist on minimum numbers for Saturdays, but that’s a restriction we don’t impose here at Owston Hall Hotel, which is good news for you!

4. Less Stress, More Joy!

Planning a large wedding can be daunting and stressful. There are more dietary requirements to cater for, more opinions to be listened to and more questions to be answered. You need a bit more time and a bigger spreadsheet!  By opting for a smaller celebration, you can reduce your stress levels and focus on the joy of the occasion. Remember, our experienced wedding coordinators will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your planning and prep run as smoothly as your wedding day.

You may read this and think there’s no way a small wedding will work for me and my family. That’s also fine! We’re here to help you make your big-style wedding at Owston Hall a reality too (and we’re accustomed to weddings up to 100 guests! Whatever size wedding you choose, if you’d like come and see Owston Hall Hotel, give us a call and visit for a free show round. Your dream, intimate wedding in Doncaster can come true and Owston Hall might just be the perfect venue for you.

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