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The Robin Hood Course

Our Robin Hood Course has been developed into a championship venue. Measuring 5,950 yards, the par 70 golf course is set in ancient parkland and is very challenging.

Robin of Loxley

HOLE 1 PAR 4 SI 10
252 Yards 268 Yards 319 Yards 340 Yards

Pro’s Tip​​: “This gentle opener requires a tee shot favouring the right side to shorten the hole, beware of the bunker that creates a false front.”


Slattery's Grand

HOLE 2 PAR 4 SI 16
233 Yards 250 Yards 260 Yards 270 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Respect this driveable par 4, otherwise it could be a card wrecker early in your round. The green slopes right to left.”

Ron's Watch

303 Yards 343 Yards 361 Yards 398 Yards

Pro’s Tip​: “A good tee shot is required to reduce this demanding par 4. The green is well guarded by two bunkers, par is a good score.”

Nearest The Pin

HOLE 4 PAR 3 SI 18
109 Yards 141 Yards 157 Yards 178 Yards

Pro’s Tip​: “Make sure you take enough club on this well framed par 3 protected by bunkers left and right, par is a good score.”

Feeney’s Favourite

HOLE 5 PAR 4 SI 14
251 Yards 276 Yards 332 Yards 365 Yards

Pro’s Tip​: “Playing from the fairway is a must, giving you the best chance of hitting this McKenzie design green in regulation.”

Shaw Shank Redemption

362 Yards 363 Yards 375 Yards 399 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Avoid the left hand fairway bunker with your tee shot, your approach to the green plays downhill although it may not appear so.”

The Legend of Sensei

145 Yards 132 Yards 187 Yards 212 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “A challenging par 3 that requires a good tee shot to a well guarded small green. Par is a good score.”


314 Yards 351 Yards 378 Yards 396 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “From the tee, beware of the bushes on the left. A strong tee shot will leave a mid/short iron into a green that slopes severely from left to right.”


HOLE 9 PAR 4 SI 12
205 Yards 242 Yards 265 Yards 292 Yards

Pro’s Tip​: “Signature hole, longer hitters have a chance to drive the green. Shorter hitters lay up and still have a chance to make a birdie on this short par 4.”

Windmill Hill

HOLE 10 PAR 4 SI 5
273 Yards 302 Yards 321 Yards 351 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “A slight dog leg to the right, avoid Windmill Hill at all costs. Approach shots play downhill to a small green.”

North Park

HOLE 11 PAR 5 SI 7
433 Yards 457 Yards 513 Yards 533 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “The longest hole on the course, favour the left half to open up the green, the longer hitters can get there in two.”

Gerald Burke

HOLE 12 PAR 4 SI 15
269 Yards 359 Yards 376 Yards 372 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “With OB left and trees right, hitting the fairway is a must. Clubbing is crucial to a green that slopes back to front.”

Colonel’s Test

HOLE 13 PAR 3 SI 11
115 Yards 115 Yards 131 Yards 151 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Par is a good score here as anything missing the green will test your shortgame.”

Albert Edward

HOLE 14 PAR 4 SI 1
299 Yards 326 Yards 338 Yards 374 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Another must hit fairway! Tee shots past the large oak make your approach easier. Beware as the green has many slopes.”

Sam's Nemesis

HOLE 15 PAR 4/3 SI 17
131 Yards 200 Yards 278 Yards 278 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Favour the left half on this short par 4 , avoid the greenside bunker and don’t go long, the green is a small target.”


HOLE 16 PAR 4 SI 3
325 Yards 356 Yards 378 Yards 397 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “Precision from the tee is required on this sweeping dogleg to the left, avoid the fairway bunker and leave downhill approach to a green that slopes from front to back.”


HOLE 17 PAR 3 SI 13
136 Yards 156 Yards 184 Yards 202 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “This long par 3 requires a well struck tee shot to a long, narrow well guarded green, avoid the bunkers.”


HOLE 18 PAR 5/4 SI 9
363 Yards 397 Yards 429 Yards 442 Yards

Pro’s Tip: “A long tee shot will make your approach easier on this tough finishing hole, with water guarding the green, par is a great score.”

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